The Pop Up Gym deliver bespoke one-day events to promote health and wellbeing. True to our ethos, these events are inclusive, accessible and sociable.

We bring together a team of experts who deliver a day of movement classes and talks addressing stress management, exercise, relaxation and nutrition.

Our approach is practical, punchy and engaging. The day provides motivation and manageable health hacks to equip employees with the tools to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Working with The Pop Up Gym creates blueprints for happier and healthier workplaces.


Lower staff stress levels; Mental health problems (such as anxiety, stress and depression) have risen from 25% to 33% in 5 years.

Can increase productivity by 10%: For every £1 spent on staff wellbeing, £2.73 (on average) is generated in return.

Reduction in staff sickness; Average employee cost is £700 a year to an employer. 

Good health reaps good business so connect with us today!

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